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Once the game of golf was my passion. Slowly, the will to improve my game gave way to more important priorities of spending quality time with my family. In the year 2000, a new passion captivated my imagination on a journey to Italy. Italy was such a beautiful country, the point and shoot camera and my beginner skills did not suffice. Enter the quest for more knowledge, taking courses, attending photo tours and always having a camera with me when traveling. The question: does the elusive perfect shot exist? The same parallel can be compared to the game of golf. The answer is a resounding no, yet constant improvement continues!  The photo galleries available on this website highlight my photographic journey.

My current focus is to concentrate on images in these categories:

  • Architecture
  • Landscape
  • Nature
  • Transportation
  • Travel

My current project goal is to photograph all 254 county courthouses in the state of Texas. As of this writing, over the past couple of years, the count has risen over 100. Charming small city squares encompassing the courthouse abound over my great state. In some cases, the distance between these cities is short, in others, particularly in west Texas, extremely long. This goal will take several years to complete, yet is so worthwhile. Continue to view the galleries, with those already captured highlighting the unique architecture of the 1880’s forward.

If you enjoy photography, consider the photo tours I have experienced and recommend. The Rocky Mountain School of Photography brings professional instructors, critique, and computer skills together. The Jeff Clow Photo Tours are in great locations and provide the right time and place for keepers and wall hanging images.

You may also enjoy the photography of friends I have met along my photographic journey. View the great work of Robert Hitchman, Rodney Craig, and Sam Gainer.

Thank you for your time honoring my photography. My request: leave a guestbook commentary.  Inform me of your favorites.


Curtis A. Smith, CFP®


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Guestbook for Curtis A. Smith Photography
David Palenshus(non-registered)
Still looking for Smith County, Tyler, Texas courthouse....hmmm...I know they tore down the hospital I was born in....but surely the courthouse would have survived...did I miss it?

Meanwhile Curtis, your craft is continuing to get better and better. Long gone are the days when we did the Houston Photography club... nice to see you have "moved on". Hats off to you sir.
usha peddamatham(non-registered)
I am so flattered that you always share your photographic journey with me. I am also impressed by your choice of projects and perseverance to complete them. It is said that it is the journey that matters not the destination. That is the beauty of our journeys at the tail end of our lives. I am so glad that you have taken up photography as a hobby and I can clearly see the progression in your tackling different projects and enjoying the process of sharing and documenting. I wish you another year filled with travel and fun with photography.
Connie Schnitger(non-registered)
Curtis you are so talented!! I love the courthouse photo's.
Linda Puckett(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures, Curtis! Thank for sharing your talent and pictures.
Tom Kleuser(non-registered)
Great photos, Curtis, I'm envious. I agree, golf is WAY over-rated!! Photography is also my passion. My philosophy is "Catch and Release." Most of my photos stay in my Lightroom Organizer, but I can peruse them anytime and work on them. You don't have to clean them either. Keep up the wonderful work. I look forward to seeing more.
The guestbook is empty.