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The genesis of visiting all 254 counties in Texas to view the courthouses began on this trip! I had just resigned one job and was to begin another in 2014. The wife and I needed some R&R, so we headed to Jefferson, Texas, one of our favorite towns. Along the route of traveling US 59 north, give or take a few detours, are some interesting courthouses.

Two of my favorite courthouses are in this area. If you are ever in Marshall, go downtown to visit the Harrison County Courthouse. Likewise, Center is near the Louisiana/Texas border. The Shelby County Courthouse is simply amazing.

With most of these courthouses near the Texas/Louisiana border, many monuments on the grounds are dedicated to Confederate causes. Several counties and courthouses are named for Confederate leaders. Take the time to read about each county as I have tried to provide a short history lesson with each.

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Marshall - Harrison CountyLongview - Gregg CountyCenter - Shelby CountyNacogdoches - Nacogdoches CountyNacogdoches - Downtown Town SquareJefferson - Marion CountyJefferson - Downtown Historic DistrictHenderson - Rusk CountyJefferson - Marion CountyLufkin - Angelina CountyCarthage - Panola CountyCenter - Shelby CountyCenter - Shelby County New CourthouseHenderson - Rusk CountyLongview - Gregg CountyLufkin - Angelina CountyCenter - Shelby County JailMarshall - Harrison CountyMarshall - Harrison CountyMarshall - Harrison County