Zenfolio | Curtis A. Smith Photography | LBJ National Historical Park - Stonewall, Texas
LBJ National Historical Park is well worth your time to visit. By doing so, LBJ comes to life. The beauty of the Texas White House brought him back here often during his Presidency. It remains a working ranch with many Hereford cattle roaming the property. The Johnson Family cemetery is located on the Ranch, when most recent Presidents are in plots at their libraries.

The Pedernales River flows through the ranch added another dimension. Be sure to visit the Texas White House at the Ranch. One cannot take images there, yet it is interesting to see the many additions to the house. LBJ was on the phone constantly, and a phone was near him in every square foot.

Located in Stonewall, Texas, halfway between Johnson City and Fredericksburg off Highway 290. if you leave the ranch toward Fredericksburg, it feels like Napa Valley in California, wineries on either side of the highway.
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