Zenfolio | Curtis A. Smith Photography | 1950's Classic Cars
During my photographic journey, one of the highlights is attending car shows in the Houston area, or in Irvine California when I visit my children. Each of these shows has much to offer the photographer, or any car enthusiast. In my high school years, I drove a 1957 Chevy two-door, metallic maroon, four-speed, Hurst shifter, Corvette 292, dual exhaust and Tiger Paws with red stripes. Oh how I wish I still owned that vehicle, highly prized by car enthusiasts and has so many valuable memories during our history together.

Classic cars built in 1957. These cars remain favorites to this day, deservedly so. Enjoy!
57 Nomad57 Porsche57 Ford'57  Chevy Pick Em Up Truck55 T-Bird